Letters to Sala - 2017

Letters to Sala

by Arlene Hutton

March 10, 11 @ 7:30

March 12 @ 2:00

Photos of the production

Letters to Sala by Arlene Hutton

Adapted from the book Sala’s Gift by Ann Kirschner

Letters to Sala is a remarkable story of a young Jewish woman’s survival during wartime Germany. In October 1940, Sala Garncarz was sixteen, the daughter of a rabbi and teacher and the youngest of eleven children in a poor family living in Sosnowiec, Poland, close to the German border. When her older sister Raizel was ordered to report to a Nazi forced labor camp, Sala volunteered to take her place. Neither she nor her family suspected that six weeks of required labor would stretch to almost five years of slavery. Through letters from family and friends that she managed to hide and keep safe, Letters to Sala tells the story of one young woman's experiences in the most inhumane and unimaginable of situations.

The play documents Sala’s experience during the Holocaust and draws from the emotional journey that began when Sala shared these letters with her daughter, Ann in 1991.

The New York Public Library’s website details much of the history of the work camps and Sala’s experiences. Photos and letters are included in this on-line collection.


Letters to Sala—CAST LIST

In New York City:

SALA GARNCARZ – Viva Freedman

ANN – Rachel Mellman

CAROLINE – Lena Banchero

ELISABETH – Taylor Navas

In Sosnowiec, in the camps, after the liberation:

YOUNG SALA – Madelyn Levine

In Sosnowiec:

CHANA, her mother - Halle Friedeberg

RAISEL, her sister – Logan Turner

BLIMA, her sister – Isabelle Metzcus

LAYA DINA, her sister – Maggie Johnson

ROZIA, her cousin – Piper Supplee

BELA – Piper Supplee

FRYMKA – Maggie Johnson

SARA – Maddie Greene

In the camps:

ALA GERTNER – Felicia Azzopardi



ELFRIEDE PACHE – Maggie Johnson

HERBERT PACHE – Christopher Xue

LUCIA – Maddie Greene

GUCIA – Maddie Greene

ZUSI – Piper Supplee

RACHEL – Maggie Johnson


Edward Phillips, Lou Ryan, Max Sigler, Christopher Xue

After the liberation:



Stage Manager: Sam Hale

Asst. Stage Managers: Ellie Feder & Eliza van Hamel-Platerink

Sound : Peter Crosatto & Laura Ehrlich

Video Projections: Lorell Perillat

Lights: Drew Ehrlich, Stella Lorence, Julian Scigliano

Stage Crew: Ally Rosales, Courtney Rosales, Lucca Del Chiaro, Annie Johnson

Hair Style Design: Mari Pietro

Costume: Shiloh Andersson, Lola McManus

Makeup: Claire Beswick, Sydney Kaufman, Claire Yballa

Hair: Gabby Alvira, Amanda Gawad

Ushers: Jason Knowles, YuLin Zhao

Poster: Mari Pietro

Dialect Coach: Julian Scigliano