Radium Girls Spring 2015


March 13, 14 @ 7:30pm

March 15 @ 2:00

Radium Girls is a fast-paced play about the impact of business and science on the lives of workers. Set in the 1920s and based on actual events, Radium Girls follows the young women who were hired to paint watch dials that would glow in the dark and were exposed to radioactivity long before anyone really knew the impact on their health. The author and our students provide a cautionary tale for our own time.

Grace Fryer – Hannah Herbert Hunt

Arthur Roeder – Adam Jaffe

Kathryn Schaub – Emily Mellman

Tom Kreider – John Peceimer

Irene Rudolph – Madelyn Levine

CB “Charlie” Lee – Ben Howley

Katherine Wiley – Viva Freedman

Edward Markley – Scott Carson

Mrs. Diane Roeder – Reid Livingston

Reporter – Liam Metzcus

Sob Sister – Sami Heffernan

Raymond Berry – Will Stachniuk

Mrs. MacNeil – Rachel Mellman

Dr. Joseph Knef – Johnny Kershner

Shop girl – Isabelle Metzcus

Dr. Frederick Flinn, Ph.D – Edward Phillips

Society Woman Cora Middleton – Cecilia Cordero

Court – Andrew Battat

Photographer – Isabelle Metzcus

Board Member #1 – Andrew Battat

Board Member #2 – Thomas Bowers

Board Member #3 – Roanan McCaa

Clerk – Rachel Mellman

Von Sochocky – Alex Kraus

Mrs. Michaels – Cecilia Cordero

Dr. Drinker – Andrew Battat

Madame Curie – Taylor Navas

Dr. Martland – Thomas Bowers

Elderly Widow – Madelyn Levine

Lovesick Cowboy – Roanan McCaa

Store Owner – Roanan McCaa

Mrs. Fryer – Lena Banchero

Venecine Salesman – Johnny Kershner

Older Harriet – Taylor Navas

Younger Harriet - Isabelle Metzcus

Dr. William Bailey - Roanan McCaa

Male Shopper - Edward Phillips

Customer - Taylor Navas

Crowd : Rachel, Isabelle, Cecelia, Taylor, Madelyn, Lena, Johnny, Andrew, Thomas, Roanan, Edward


Bridgette Medeghini

Sam Hale

Stage Crew

Eliza Van Hamel Platerink, Maia Herman Kitami, Allie Birger

Lights: Drew Ehrlich, Abby Feder, Stella Lorence

Sound: Ellie Feder, Peter Crosatto

Build Days: Johannes Stoppler, Tegan Alberts

Makeup: Keegan Brad,Katie Papazian

Sydney Kaufman


Claire Yballa, Shiloh Andersson

Roxy Urbani


Mari Pietro, Halle Friedeberg

Logan Turner