"In the world of musical theater, jukebox musicals can be a huge train wreck with bits of a story loosely woven together to form a lackluster plot. But for Disaster!, it's the hits of the 70s (34 of them to be precise) that serve as the perfect musical punchlines to an already hysterical script." - Broadway World

Production Staff:

Cindy Skelton - Director
Kyoko Yamamoto - Music Director
Jim Ambler - Choreographer
Rick Reynolds - Vocal Director
Ron Ho - Technical Director
Mark Eggleston - Set Design
Brandy Fleming - Costumes
Lindsey Ainsworth - Props

First read through will be January 9th at 4:00.  Please check this website often - it's where the rehearsal schedule will be.

Mrs. Skelton, Jim Ambler, Rick Reynolds &  Mrs. Yamamoto


Scott - Sebastian Lamb

Chad - Nico Bennett

Jake - Santiago Tarango

Ted - Lucas Keeley

Tony - Dylan Arés Hanson

Marianne - Taryn Hallum

Chef - Adrian Zhang

Sister Mary - Josie Fontana

Shirley - Ayden West

Maury - Emmanuel Pubien

Levora - Mia Espinosa

Jackie - Elizabeth Diehl

Ben/Lisa - Clo Papadogonas

Wealthy Husband - Adrian Zhang

Wealthy Wife - Noa Kliger

Barracuda Dancers (also Victims, Rats…)

Rosemary Conant

Sawyer Fair

Calla Kamenov

Bodhi Ring

Gina Saccuman

Emily Zeng

Passengers, Guests, Waitstaff, Victims, Rats…

Val Berezhnoy

Bella Brosnan

Olivia Johnson

Michelle Shay


Stage Manager - Aliye Serefiddin

Asst Stage Managers - Georgia Birchall & Claire West

Sound Board - Rohan Shah

Light Board - Gizelle Ortiz

Follow Spot - Anna Durfee & Alexis Rodriguez

Costume/Hair/Makeup Crew:

Alexandra Hollrah

Chiara La Mark

Kairah Maqsood

Evie Scott (lead)

Ava Shimkus

Sienna Wells

Stage/Prop Crew:

Hermela Flowers

Happy Lee

Finn Lorian 

Aisling Muldowney

Alyssa Tehlirian

Helen Vargas

Vanessa Yee

Jackelyn Zapata